End National Socialism in GB 2022

The level to which brainwashing of the public has advanced has been well documented for a long time, but even the most outspoken experts on this subject tend to pull their punches, either due to residual, unconscious brainwashing that they have failed to fully address, or due to sly self-interested pandering to authority. Studies in Social Science have long shown that a very large percentage of the public cannot solve basic arithmetic, verbal or logical equations correctly. Thus, don’t be surprised that most people continue to miss an elephant in plain sight for hundreds & hundreds of years. We have had National Socialism both in name & in practice for many decades in the United Kingdom, & yet one might wager that over 99% of Britons have managed to keep that fact in a separate part of their head to the lessons we learned in school about National Socialism during the 1930s & 1940s, creating an Iron Wall of Pure Stupidity on the subject, equivalent to the known fact that, in IQ Tests, a majority of people will get basic arithmetic or logic questions (Such as “If Y = 2X, then 2Y = ?X” ) persistently wrong. For my lifetime, I have watched the citizens/subjects of the U.K. debate whether National Socialism is good or bad, or angrily denounce it and threaten those who say its good, while also supporting it, working in it, & having voted for it for 50 years. This is not the exception, but nigh universal among earthlings on this island. Human beings have a capacity for logic & morality, equivalent to great mathematicians, but are also prone to degenerate phases where they almost universally cannot see that 2+2 = 4, & will swear blind that it doesn’t.