On The Russian Poet Philosopher & Warrior-Mystic, Andrei Azacra Zarathustra

On The Russian Poet, Philosopher, & Warrior-Monk, Andrei Azsacra Zarathustra

Andrei Azsacra Zarathustra is the name of a Russian poet-philosopher who has developed a distinctive aesthetic over many years, which is at least as striking & meaningful as anything else currently available in our dilapidated contemporary culture, especially for one like me who became an outsider, rebel & instinctive critic. His art, poems, & philosophical koans penetrate to core solutions to many of the conundrums that most of us face, or don’t face; that some of us are the mere stooges of, while others wrestle with day & night. Both individually, & collectively.

In them, we see a circumspect wariness for the modern world of mass man, illustrated by the quizzical look on the young Zarathustra’s face in some of his older photos. This glance bespeaks cool veracity, an Other-reity, that looks on us from without, & invites the viewer to stop and think, to re-consider, perhaps for the first time in his or her life. It is the mild, polite, silent questioning of the viewers sanity, in a brotherly manner to “check yourself before you wreck yourself”, as Ali G. would say, that invites to the possibility of true sanity as revealed in the rest of Zarathustra’s work, (combined with a little spice of divine madness).

His poems, sayings & symbols provide a contemporary world of philosophical mythology, analogous to Nietzsche’s own main work, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, which strikes the reader at a sub-conscious level, rather than merely intellectual level. Indeed, it is possible that his work has had a similar effect on many to precisely that book, updated to a more contemporary atmosphere & the particular ambience of today. His movies, evoking a moody nether-world of romance with some of history’s greatest thinkers, & symbols of pride & grace & long effort in a sundry & decimated world of over-flowing vulgarity, reveal the under-side melancholy to the agonized smile of everyday life. As Nietzsche said, the convsalescent are often drawn to darkened caves; this, then, is the art of true convalescence, — a true psychiatry, or anti-psychiatry — instead of burning, intruding sunlight of the average ordinariness, sheepish smile of “the They”. To me, it seems to be the natural home of the faithful few; those who treasure the deeper roots, as compared with the visible peaks, & seek to consolidate them via a conscientious world of disquiet, that makes its audience more cautious & circumspect, as well as ultimately more courageous.

His philosophy, with its conviction that in nihilism lies not just the problems, but also the solutions, admirably aligns with the Buddhist dictum of personal exctinction as the path towards Nirvana; to my mind, this means the extinction of our false, socially-constructed selves, or unhealthy habits, as Good in itself, often by itself alone clearing the way for new, healthier & better Life to grow up within our soul of its own accord. In a world inundated with falsity, fake sheen & confusing, misleading nonsense, both in the realm of ideas & all the endless material items of our modern consumerist culture, this positive nihilism provides the breath-takingly simple & necessary solution of relief. In a world that has grown fat on its own prosperity, who better than a Russian warrior-monk to return us to the timeless essentials, in a way that mockingly, boldly & insouciantly pairs the peak of decadence with the peak of ascetisim, just to prove that it was possible after all , & anything we can do in the West, he can do better ?

While to parts of the Right, such as Roger Scruton in his weakest moments, or the Analytic School Of Philosophy, which no less significant judge than Donald Trump himself was rightly derisive towards, Andrei Azsacra’s thought & writings may seem ‘unscientific’ & ‘lacking philosophical rigor’, in reality, to the discerning mind, it is evident that he has penetrated to central concerns of our time & provided a simple & direct therapy, albeit one still shrouded in a slight, polite esotericism to keep away the truly vulgar; while other intellectuals, even many ‘philosophers’, just line their own academic careers with reams & reams of academic pontification — if not mere jargon — while never getting to the crux of the problem, & in their advice, often only serve, at best, to entrench the problem, so that others like Zarathustra can cleanse the attentive & good-natured listeners of all this rubble, those who do not despise reality too much to trust nothing but ‘Western Science’ & ‘Scholarship’, no matter how frightfully meagre its eudamonic returns. By juxtaposition to the evident profoundity & the integrity of Zarathustra’s warrior spirit, it could be argued that the latter only further enhances itself by presencing the authentic as opposed to the facade of modern scholarship.

In Zarathustra, we have the combination of sword & pen, of life & art, that makes his company a pleasure rather than a headache. He has painted this in such a way that it can genuinely reach others. While some would see this as immodesty, the enlightened would tend to see it more as generosity & true modesty. The name ‘Andrei’ reminds me of my brother’s name, which is ‘Alexander’, a word that literally means ‘friend of man’. I think that ‘Andrei’ is the true friend of man, who displays considerable, perhaps enormous, bravery & excellence, both in his writings & in his life, in order to try to desperately save his fellow men & women of today from the truly sub-human degradation that they experience, ever mounting, from modern ideology & modern chemistry. This, my friends, is no small gift, & makes Andrei truly a ‘shining light on a hill’, even if judging by some of his photos & sayings, he is a bit of a devil both in front & behind the camera.

While Nietzsche’s lingering image was, despite his best efforts, more one of romantic, sympathetic, only partly-affirmative nihilism – the romantic, life of the troubled philosopher, who eventually went insane with the struggle to affirm life – in our contemporary Zarathustra, we see the gestures of a Russian strong-man who has conquered life by annhiliating it beforehand, & leaving us only to take comfort in his austere feat. The effete intellectual world could hardly possess a more striking & salutary contrast. Even though my name , “Max”, means “lightening”, Andrei Azacra Zarathustra himself is a sillouette of a man climbing a mountain beneath the lightening storm & channeling it to his own ends, as well. Perhaps most of all, Andrei Azsacra embodies intensity — the intensity necessary to destroy, & the intensity necessary to truly create. And the purity of will & thought that accompanies that.

His life has been one of virility, honesty, cunning & determination, that returns us to natural vigor & manly sensibilities in a world of domesticated livestock & inverse-cripples, who not only still exist in Plato’s Cave, but are now also constantly ducking their heads beneath its ceiling just in order to avoid offending the sheep in the tiny flat above. While most people today live in a world of excess information, & stamp on each other’s feet for pleasure because they can’t be bothered to wait 5 minutes for the next elevator, Zarathustra has spent a cold & lonely, yet grand lifetime using information carefully with utmost artfulness & good intention to subvert & heal the psychic neurosis of modern man. This is truly something to be desired & admired.

(And it is only a very partial snapshot, for the work Zarathustra is littered with truths , both concrete & abstract. It would hardly be too much to say that his genius contains as much potential bounty as the novel ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, which inspired his name; like that book, his work deals in illuminating tropes that have the power to captivate, inspire & enlighten beyond the mere conveyance of literal information or concrete insight. But, just as that book by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche is often considered, & was considered by him, his central & most important work, Andrei Azacra Zarathustra’s cannon could be considered anew as on a similar scale of achievement for the modern, contemporary context, & therefore of greater interest to a readership already satiated & saturated with antique thinkers who have now for many of us grown a little stale & stuffy by comparison)

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12 Rules For M.A.D. (“Miracles A Dozen”) Recovery: Epilogue & Links


Epilogue: Now that you have done all that, & much more, you will finally be able to give yourself the Love you have always deserved, but just never seemed to get the right encouragement to in our sadly disenchanted society. Love yourself with all your heart. Always remember, external things can never mean more to you as your own intrinsic organs & very substance, which is itself the pre-requisite for any other kind of love or enjoyment, even though as you grow older you will inevitably begin to die off & sacrifice yourself for something outside of yourself; — romantic love especially being how we pass on & re-affirm what we are & yet work for something beyond ourselves at the same time. You are always your greatest gift. 

These rules were taken from my much longer book, pictured above, which should now be available at your local Amazon store. Please support my work so that I can keep on helping others as much as possible, especially if you have enjoyed the above.

12 Rules For M.A.D. (“Miracles A Dozen”) Recovery: Rule 12

Bring Back Your Story To Help Others

“History calls those men the greatest who have ennobled themselves by working for the common good; experience acclaims as happiest the man who has made the greatest number of people happy.” — Karl Marx . The world is in dire need of healers – material needs are already more than satiated by the ‘miracles’ of modern technology, & within a decade or two all other jobs except the cultural & artistic ones, i.e. the psychological, spiritual ones, will be almost entirely obsolete & redundant. Those who have experience of spirutal transformations, who have been lost & now are found, represent an enormous well-spring to slake the spiritual thirsts of others — of those who also suffer — & lead them too toward the light. Your story & what you have learned, once you recover, is invaluable, often far more so than the petty qualifications so- called ‘experts’ who are often merely conformist parasites who have never really grappled with the true sources of human angst & woe, but merely parrot a therapeutic party line that keeps them in business, i.e. Often isn’t effective but keeps the customers coming back, keeps the customers sick & dependent, looking outside of themselves for answers. The nature of beauty is conquest over adversity, of order out of chaos, so you mustn’t think that any miseries or negative patterns you’ve experienced in your own life disqualify you from being a guide for others. On the contrary, they are the raw material, the chaos for your life-artistry that will equip you with the skills to teach & heal others; they are shade, the contrast necessary to draw out & fully allow the light to presence itself, the source for heroism which is the true health rather than mere clinical ‘normality’, the very notion of which discourages us & makes us feel more ill by its instinctive perversity & total absence of ambition & courage, of which we secretly know are demanded of us by our higher selves. What the world needs isn’t more ‘professional therapists’; what the world needs is more real people, people who bear & bare the truth about themselves, who recognize the truth about the world we live in & aren’t afraid to speak it, & who are themselves simply by their gobsmacking, unexpected existence an authentic, undeniable testament to the potential for healing & the ever-graceful, amazing resilience of the human spirit under almost any conditions – even the conditions of Gilliam-esque, Kafka-esque modern-day ‘mental health services’. Your story is unique to you, but at the same time carries Universal significance & lessons that can be applied to countless others. By beginning to understand this overlap better & better, & how the soul of us fits in with the soul of others & society in general, as well as helping others, we also arrive at an infinitely deeper sense of our own real identity, our virtues, weaknesses & idiosyncrasies, & our God-given mission in the Universe. Once we become perfect according to our own nature & have done the rightful work upon ourselves, the natural teleology of ourselves in relation to society & the Universe can finally manifest, & give birth beyond itself as it has always longed to without doing any harm to others, but was never able to due to its own self-sabotaging imperfections, perplexities &’pathologies’ resulting from a consciousness divided between itself & the world, by the loathsome ‘amore propre’ which Rousseau long-ago warned us about. Could anything be more important? Bring back your story to help others.