Poem Recitals

A review of my work by a successful & powerful artist

Tal Slutzker, PHD (a poet, Rabbi, scholar of philosophy and renowned Israeli artist )

In this confused world there is one writer hungry for knowledge. He absolutely despises psychiatrists and any attempt to destroy madness and the love it entails. He is Max Lewy, an English poet from Wales who wrote a book named “Madness a Form of love”. His poetry is centered around content rather than form and he rages against an establishment he doesn’t take part in, an establishment that includes doctors and their allies who want to destroy humanity in his view. He seems to be very thoughtful and is very similar to the kind of poets one meets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem but with an English appeal and twist that is from the very language he uses the incredible English language of the recent few hundred years. He is trying to convey all layers of the English language and as many depths of meaning as he can while trying to transmit Philosophical ideas through his poems written mainly as proverbs. He is very interested in spiritually and in Individualism and fears for what happens if we abandon our wisdoms, while seeing the web as a medium for his messages. Don’t think he is an easy character or someone to take easily because he has a message to carry, love is in the center of the concept or religion of madness and we have to take it seriously before we start devouring each other’s in parts. The very possibility of that message going on is transmitted with his willingness to indulge with his internet audience in a never ending conversation about what is right and what is wrong. Just support him if you are for madness, because there are very few who would vote for it in politics even though some consider politics itself a form of madness. He sees ancient Greece as the model we have to take in account when thinking about madness and the theater and if he is one whose interest in the link between madness and poetry is deep enough to get you through endless nights of thinking and arguing about things that seem to matter most to anyone as devoted to these ideas as he does. There are some people who see life as an endless action and others who see life as an endless thought; Max Lewy belongs to the second kind. If you take Madness for granted think about what it did to culture and what it keeps doing to it. Just go through all the interesting ideas that grew around it by meters or by centimeters and you will get familiar with as many interesting ideas as there are in this realm of incredible knowledge that actually never ends and then share it with your friends. Because poetry just like art belongs to people who think about the important things in life. And Love like madness lasts for millennia’s from ancient days to our present culture. Be careful because if life ever offered you anything the fight against madness can take those things away from us.

'Mental Illness' as over-straining

What is called ‘mental illness’ maybe a kind of straining to control things that you can’t control, just like a sportsman who hasn’t got the technique right, & over-strains his muscles. The intimidation of ‘mental health services’ produces a sustained straining action of hyper-tension in the patient, that prevents effective activity due to trying too hard.

A Review by a highly talented psychotherapist, from Germany

Review by Kari Imeri, a lady and psychotherapist who dabbles in ancient religion, of my previous book of poems, entitled “Madness: a form of love”

“Max Lewy is a great poet and authentic seer who finds the right words in times of disorientation of the young generation. With the great capacity of the great old masters, he opens chess moves with originality and surprise effects to penetrate deeply into the spirit of the new time. His visual language remains overwhelming and always hits the sore spot without having to resort to stereotypes. His work is a rare jewel and recommendable for all whose eyes are tormented by the undefined lack of relation of modern artists. In his poetry he gathers not only the imaginative language of a human being but also the smart speech-seeking of the gods. One encounters an arrangement that does not seem to be directed by man alone, but is guided by the nonchalance with which the gods endow great beloved masters. Max Lewy is a Briton, born in 1983, with a Jewish name and a very interesting biography for a contemporary view of his generation. It is worth following his work further and translating it into different languages. There are verses by Max Lewy, which are memorized after one time reading like a popular tune or hit, which shows the quality of world class. He is as precise with the truth as talented a leader of his generation. “Madness is a form of love it carries its own truth It lets the old forget their grief And makes messiahs of the youth” by Max Lewy