Writing from two of my friends, one who is currently being detained in Canada, & another whose son is being detained in Great Britain

“Notes from the Asylum” by Russell Currie

The information that follows may be very shocking to most people, but something has to be done about this scandal we call our mental health care system. Mental health is not what we are being made to think that it is, and this is reflected and caused by our mental health care systems. This should probably go without saying, but I would remind the reader that the purpose of health care always used to be understood as the prevention of disability, suffering, pain, and death. Sadly, it seems that in the area of mental health, things have taken a U-Turn in this regard.My story begins with me being very stressed from working hard in customer service while simultaneously noticing the insane levels of corruption in the world though all the news and media coverage of major events unfolding in these times of upheaval and dealing with how people are being affected by all these stresses in their lives first hand, as part of a job. As a very humanitarian person, all the stuff that’s been going on has been causing me a great deal of distress and concern for our future as a nation (which, I would point out has essentially been reduced to a corporation that treats its own people as Human Resources and is no longer even allowed to have any sense of its own unique national pride, heritage, or identity) and for humanity as a whole in the bigger picture.I have always had very maverick views when it comes to the way things are run from the people at the top, and many would call me a “conspiracy theorist” and dismiss what I’m saying or get concerned and call the mobile crisis team on me when I point out that they are clearly really good at screwing everyone over, and elaborate on the many ways that they do so, so as to enrich themselves maximally, and secure the position their respective family dynasties holds in the long term, from our complete mental, physical, and even spiritual enslavement. Due to the extreme stress from knowing all these things I know from rigorous academic research, and day to day world experiences, I began chain smoking cigarettes and having trouble sleeping, but never once did I question my own sanity, and remained very productive and kept my apartment very clean and would go on walks in the woods and use all kinds of other healthy coping strategies. I was having trouble sleeping without taking a strong cocktail of prescription benzodiazepines, so, not wanting to go the way of Jordan peterson, I decided to enlist the help of our local emergency hospital in Halifax and drove there of my own will, honestly wanting to obtain help I need and also try to fix the system where it is rotted- which I have studied academically at depth for many years.The mental health care system is corrupt to the core, which is rotted deeply by subversive scholasticism; the systemic inadequacy of education systems, which include health care and medical departments, and this is caused by the policy makers who simply abide the motivations of the financial elites, controlling things through funding and charter. At the level where the important decisions are being made, like how the relevant resources should be applied, we find that there are just replaceable bureaucrats competing with each other to climb up higher in their little pyramid schemes. Psychiatrists will always blindly just follow the steps provided in their textbooks, as things get pushed further and further in the direction of “progressiveness”. The behaviourism model of control and all their other stuff simply capitalizes on the suggestibility humans have as people, but all this stuff only works on like 99 percent of us and that’s why they needed to make this extra system called psychiatry as a constituency for those extra 1 percent of people like me who will slip through the cracks. Even their best constituency cannot handle me though, it seems. Give me liberty, or give me death! I will not stop fighting for my right to think freely and pursue evidence based truth.After being initially screened, tested for Covid, and had my vitals checked, I was asked what my problems were and so I did my best to explain them. I then had to wait many hours in rooms where there are scratches on the walls and the chairs are chained to the ground, and spoke to different doctors, some of whom were quite rude and invasive in asking me the same questions I’d already answered, and then, finally, after sleeping, I awoke and was told that I would have to take a psychotropic antipsychotic drug, which I could not refuse, lest the security would hold me down and inject me. I was admitted to psychiatric holding under the involuntary patient laws of the establishment, despite being obviously of very sound mind. I would remind the reader that I only came in because the corruption of the system was very traumatizing to me and I wanted some genuine pharmaceutical aid for sleep and stress. What I’m receiving instead is anti psychotic drugging, against my consent, even though I am not psychotic. This has been damaging my ability to think, and also my ability to have an sort of spiritual connection to nature and God. But that’s ok, because I am smart, and will allow logic and reason to be my guides.During the triage I was always able to clearly articulate my thoughts very well, including delving into several elaborate nuances with respect to the corruption of the medical system, and remained completely calm and non violent throughout the entirety of the intake process, wherein I was endlessly being made to wait in rooms designed to provoke people like me, by inducing strange behaviour, which could be recognized by some as being “unwell.”I drove of my own will to the Emergency hospital in Halifax, primarily to get help sleeping because of all the stress I’ve had to deal with lately.. and now I’ve essentially been stripped of all my basic human rights, except for: roof, bed, and three square meals. I parked a few meters away from a hydrant near the hospital because I wasn’t expecting to be made into a prisoner in the war for freedom of throughly to pursue the truth. If the system provokes me, as it always had been able to in the last 5 times I’d been through it, I’d get locked up until I broke completely and would have to rebuild myself completely. The memories can be hard to access because of the drugs but once I was kept in solitary confinement for 12 days straight, being fed piles of pills or pinned down and injected regularly by a security team comprised of foreigners. The ward is populated by all sorts of characters; many of whom I’d say are the salt of the earth, but also, can be violent and aggressive so security is needed and everyone has to be very doped up at all times. The system has been unsuccessful in provoking me in such a capacity this time, so far, but I’m about 6 days in, and they still won’t even give vegan despite many requests., so I’ve decided to stop eating their food and have been rejecting the meals. It’s not real food, these cornflakes, Oreos, and cheese whiz packets, anyway. Where must the money from the government and donors go? Better technology to secure the drugs so the nurses can’t steal them, and security? They surely haven’t been hiring any good psycho analyists or psychologists or anything of that sort and cognitive behavioural therapy certainly isn’t provided here. it’s essentially just jail where they also force you to take pills that make you fat and stupid. But our society glorifies these things to an extent, or at least normalizes them, so I’m regarded as being sick, and even if I were better, the doctor, who wants to make money, will want to spend lots of time to make me “even better”. I don’t want this for myself or anyone else who doesn’t want it, this stuff has to be done very carefully and delicately to be done right, obviously. The first med they put me on here was so bad that I could barely speak or form sophisticated thoughts in my mind.My in patient psychiatrist, Dr Matt Havenga (who also teaches at Dalhousie university) is either knowingly or unwittingly charged with the task of doping me into complacency, is literally a what they call a “troomer”, (meaning, someone who grooms people into being transgender or is willing to enable that sort of thing) in the sense that he devotes part of part of his practice he prescribes puberty blockers to children, and is proud of this. This shatters my confidence that I would be able to obtain genuine medical assistance from such a system, one which has the attribute of being willing to put a man into a dress and then removing his genitals and calling him a woman and saying this is healthcare, and gaslight people like me who recognize that people are born either male or female and this is a basic matter of genetics, into believing these ideological absurdities about “gender” which cause mental illness and very high suicide rates. Then, of course, all of our media and big businesses promote this sort of stuff as being ok with things like pride month and drag queen story time in our libraries. But any thoughts of the system as a whole being rigged would be regarded as psychoticism so I need to keep quiet, in order to get out without losing my wits. There’s plenty of good work to be done, but you can’t really get much of anything done when you are being incarcerated and drugged into complacency.Despite the trials and tribulations, and they are many, I continue to consider myself to be of sound mind, but moreover, also very mentally healthy- more than most people I’d argue, who are depressed and anxious and unable to pay attention to things, and so on, because of the way everything is being done in this corporation of a country that treats us all as Human Resources. The way things are set up turns 99% of us into these brain dead cattle like creatures who have no idea what we actually innately desire as humans like being with our own people and securing family legacy and etc, and all of these probables are driven by our appetites for the luxuries afforded by capitalism. The technocrats are very good making their advertisements and we are not privy, generally speaking, to the sheer amount of research and science and technology and resources that goes into maintaining this multi trillion dollar thought control apparatus.Although I am proud to say that I maintain my stoicism and positive attitude even under such stressful conditions, I am understandably very uncomfortable to be receiving (forced on to me, actually) “help” from someone who would not be willing to acknowledge the fact that there are only two kinds of people, male and female, and regard denial of this as mental illness, or something that needs fixing. Someone that would do such things for money is surely morally compromised, possibly beyond any level of repair. Other people on this unit are hopelessly insane and my own doctor is “treating this” by helping them change themselves with artificial hormones and etc. I think if we would’ve time travelled back a few centuries and asked our ancestors if they thought it this sort of thing would be ok they’d say no. Can you imagine the outrage there would be if someone tried to transition their dog because they thought it was somehow born with the wrong “gender” for its sex? Animals lack the susceptibility for ideology that humans have so they are generally bright eyed and bushy tailed- they know what they want and how to obtain it, unless there’s scarcity of food or predation. The fact that the system which is supposed to help me, does this, to people including children, is always something that will enrage me and no amount of drugging will fix that, and I’m proud of that.Our best and brightest people are being pharmacologically castrated and lobotomized by people like Dr Matt Havenga. Our country is essentially just a corporation owned mostly by Chinese elites, among others, and our government is completely sold out and has been forever. The CCP’s best agents have piggy backed wallstreet and infiltrated and dominated all of our institutions to promote their transhumanism agenda, taking it to an extreme level with organ harvesting and genetic modification, which means we will lose our ways of life forever and be cast into a post humanity hellscale, very soon, if we don’t act. One simply needs to look at what their best academics are openly researching right here in our top universities, to export back to their mainland. They’ve had great success in the infiltration and domination of our education systems, and even media and health care at this point. What should I do? I have nothing against Chinese people who want to come here and have a better life, but they’re mostly foreign nationals and it’s very obvious that we are slowly being colonized if you actually pay attention to cities and shopping centres. But I’m crazy for acknowledging these things? Or for wanting to stop it? I think not. I just want help dealing with the stress, so my own medical system that I pay for with my taxes is screwing me over by putting me in the most stress inducing situation ever, like a prisoner of war.From all my previous 5 trips through these asylums and all of their solitary confinement’s which would sometimes last for over a week before breaking me, I have come to recognize this stuff as what it is and understand these systems and their machinations well, as well as what they’re for. If you are seen as a threat to the establishment they will neutralize that. I am unyielding and unbothered by all of this because I know I’m right and would always be able to come to this by thinking rationally so long as their drugs do not prevent this. So far though, having unlimited access to strong Benzos is kind of cool for now, I guess, but I just hope I don’t end up like Jordan Peterson, who was kind of a dummy, for instance. I’d be a fool to not recognize that I’m in a very tough situation here.I would also note that absolutely none of these doctors or nurses, who still generally come across as having good intentions and care about doing a good job, I’ve ever talked to seem to know about the significant or Skinner’s work in “beyond freedom and dignity” where he provided the scientific control model, “behaviourism” which is the backbone of modern psychiatry as it is applied today. Behaviourism as an applied science is essentially an attempt to control or limit the thoughts and behaviours of people by controlling the details of their environments and making them take drugs. This is, of course, a very flawed approach to actually helping people, because it doesn’t take into account the fact that we have inner states, and past traumas, and all this other stuff, which will obviously interplay with all the environmental stuff to manifest our behaviour. They do at least have some very addictive drugs to help us relax I suppose, which I’ve come to depend on, because they’ve been making me take them every day. These “helping professions experts” also don’t tend to know that John Money, who was a pedophile, coined the term ‘gender’ as referring to something different than sex, 60 years ago or so, and also was responsible for the Reimer case study scandal. This all gets brushed under the rug on his Wikipedia as much as can be, of course. This is the rot of Jewish scholasticism and other flawed ideas becoming doctrines to which science would have to adhere, thus it ceased to be science at all and became pseudo science instead.After ww1 and ww2, which were specifically to get rid of us as a people in large number, Mill (who wrote the very influential and strategically gutted psuedo academic works of “On liberty” and “Utilitarianism”) leveraged the argument that we shouldn’t dwarf our own people so much, but the powerholders at the time decided to just use his ideology to disguise the behaviourism, which was the socio-technological way that control would actually be exerted in North America. Behaviourism remains the intellectual root of modern psychiatry and none or very few of the nurses or doctors seem to have ever even heard of it, which is a profoundly absurd level of incompetence.Skinners Behaviourism doesn’t acknowledge that inner psychological stares might exist for people and that these things will interplay with our environment in order to produce behaviour and thoughts through our intelligence, which is largely determined by genetics and culture (another thing that would always be swept under the rug). When it comes to psycho analytics Freud was our top guy, and that says a lot. He essentially thought our dicks were the cause of all our problems so we should just do a bunch of cocaine and a bunch of other stuff. Too bad our institutions are so sabotaged that no one can get the help they need because hard time’s are only going to keep getting harder.I have been doing as much as I can to secure a future for humanity that we might be able to at least be liberated as free and independent thinking minds, which are free to pursue the truth and not be slandered for acknowledging it, even when it comes to something of political significance or paramount importance to humanity , and I have dedicated many years of academic life to the study of these these sorts of issues (eg geopolitics, history, and power structure) via practical methods of conceptual analysis which I consider to be the frontier of western intellectual tradition. But these guys at the top sure are good at screwing us over. And right now I’m their prisoner.Sometimes we question our own thinking too much. It’s agonizing wondering if we should burden friends, family, or even the so-called “professionals” with our mental health issues. There’s stigma, sure, but it’s more about being thoughtful about not overtaxing an important and underfunded system. Soon that myth is busted. The system is entirely ruthless and unsympathetic and ineffective to the point of being grotesque as a consequence of the corrupt bureaucratic machinations that bind it together, and this nefariousness only becomes more obvious as one tries harder and harder to achieve genuine help from it. I’ve been through this system 5 times already and every time it broke me completely and I had to rebuild myself. This time though, I will fight to the absolute end, and if that means I become a fat brain dead oaf, so be it. Consider this my all out declaration of war, against the psychiatric industry. I’m playing this one pretty close to the chest because I’ve literally sent myself in and they’ve made me a POW. This sucks! Fuck! Help!

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