Recent Aphorisms, Conveying Simple, Yet Crucial Information To Any Who Lack It

The central notion of all higher people & societies is reverence , not for authority but for reality, & most of all the reality of the human soul, present in all human beings, or the soul of living things, or things as such

The essential flaw with Christianity, as it has been handed down to us, is the dictat “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself” breeds over-familiarity, & with it, abuse, hatred & disgust.

The aristocrat of the spirit is characterized perhaps most of all by his replacing love of the familiar with love of & respect for & faith in the mystery of others, (or by combining both).

The weakness with Capitalism was always its residue of socialism & tendency towards excessive information-gathering.


The difference between an old-fashioned “Fascist” society & today’s Society, is exactly the difference between a can of poison that is sitting on the shelf with the label “poison” on it, & one that is secretly sprinkled into your food.

The “Left” today are exactly like people who become extremely — even murderously — indignant over safety labels, rather than the actual poison.

They are people who literally insist that safety labels be placed ON THE SAFETY LABELS THEMSELVES, rather than the actual poison.

The terms “Xenophobia” & “Transphobia” are precisely safety labels being placed ON SAFETY LABELS — gaslighting terms of abuse for those who don’t feel like — who are already terrified, “phobic” — of being incarcerated, poisoned & murdered BY THEM.


The secret to life is what Heidegger called “Being towards death” WITHOUT the Nazis’s & Carl Schmitt’s toxic version of it, i.e. without it becoming politically charged & active.

Today’s Left today try to give us Carl Schmitt & Nazism without Heidegger, rather than Heidegger without Nazism & Carl Schimdt.


The nature of sinners is only to be able to derive pleasure from destroying themselves and others, especially the healthy & the beautiful.

The nature of the healthy & the beautiful is to enjoy & be able to enjoy themselves without doing this.

The greatest sinners & most sick of all destroy others & themselves without even being honest enough to call it that, but calling it “medicine” & “care”.

The nature of health consists in

1) how much enjoyment you can have getting as little close to the fire as possible, &

2) how little harmed you are by getting in the actual fire.


A sexually promiscuous Society seems to lead to an advanced, pathological form of “Christian” hatred of the friend, as a form of over-compensation.

The taboo against extra-marital sex & contraception in the Bible was quite possibly intended to maintain a less intense, but stable, more mild & moderate fraternity generally within a Society for longer.


True happiness lies in what philosophers, such as Al Farabi & Plato & Spinoza, called “The Active Intellect.”, a serene enjoyment in pacifistic abstract contemplation. This is probably the only method of happiness & this will probably always be the case for human beings.


The Real is invisible & internal, whereas the external is how we tend to signal preferences or choices, because its the only possible way. The Real you is not supposed to be known, (& cannot be), only respected. At most, God could know it, an otherworldly God who can never be known by other human beings or their various gadgets.

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