12 Rules For M.A.D. (“Miracles A Dozen”) Recovery: Epilogue & Links


Epilogue: Now that you have done all that, & much more, you will finally be able to give yourself the Love you have always deserved, but just never seemed to get the right encouragement to in our sadly disenchanted society. Love yourself with all your heart. Always remember, external things can never mean more to you as your own intrinsic organs & very substance, which is itself the pre-requisite for any other kind of love or enjoyment, even though as you grow older you will inevitably begin to die off & sacrifice yourself for something outside of yourself; — romantic love especially being how we pass on & re-affirm what we are & yet work for something beyond ourselves at the same time. You are always your greatest gift. 

These rules were taken from my much longer book, pictured above, which should now be available at your local Amazon store. Please support my work so that I can keep on helping others as much as possible, especially if you have enjoyed the above.

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