12 Rules For M.A.D. (“Miracles A Dozen”) Recovery: Rule 12

Bring Back Your Story To Help Others

“History calls those men the greatest who have ennobled themselves by working for the common good; experience acclaims as happiest the man who has made the greatest number of people happy.” — Karl Marx . The world is in dire need of healers – material needs are already more than satiated by the ‘miracles’ of modern technology, & within a decade or two all other jobs except the cultural & artistic ones, i.e. the psychological, spiritual ones, will be almost entirely obsolete & redundant. Those who have experience of spirutal transformations, who have been lost & now are found, represent an enormous well-spring to slake the spiritual thirsts of others — of those who also suffer — & lead them too toward the light. Your story & what you have learned, once you recover, is invaluable, often far more so than the petty qualifications so- called ‘experts’ who are often merely conformist parasites who have never really grappled with the true sources of human angst & woe, but merely parrot a therapeutic party line that keeps them in business, i.e. Often isn’t effective but keeps the customers coming back, keeps the customers sick & dependent, looking outside of themselves for answers. The nature of beauty is conquest over adversity, of order out of chaos, so you mustn’t think that any miseries or negative patterns you’ve experienced in your own life disqualify you from being a guide for others. On the contrary, they are the raw material, the chaos for your life-artistry that will equip you with the skills to teach & heal others; they are shade, the contrast necessary to draw out & fully allow the light to presence itself, the source for heroism which is the true health rather than mere clinical ‘normality’, the very notion of which discourages us & makes us feel more ill by its instinctive perversity & total absence of ambition & courage, of which we secretly know are demanded of us by our higher selves. What the world needs isn’t more ‘professional therapists’; what the world needs is more real people, people who bear & bare the truth about themselves, who recognize the truth about the world we live in & aren’t afraid to speak it, & who are themselves simply by their gobsmacking, unexpected existence an authentic, undeniable testament to the potential for healing & the ever-graceful, amazing resilience of the human spirit under almost any conditions – even the conditions of Gilliam-esque, Kafka-esque modern-day ‘mental health services’. Your story is unique to you, but at the same time carries Universal significance & lessons that can be applied to countless others. By beginning to understand this overlap better & better, & how the soul of us fits in with the soul of others & society in general, as well as helping others, we also arrive at an infinitely deeper sense of our own real identity, our virtues, weaknesses & idiosyncrasies, & our God-given mission in the Universe. Once we become perfect according to our own nature & have done the rightful work upon ourselves, the natural teleology of ourselves in relation to society & the Universe can finally manifest, & give birth beyond itself as it has always longed to without doing any harm to others, but was never able to due to its own self-sabotaging imperfections, perplexities &’pathologies’ resulting from a consciousness divided between itself & the world, by the loathsome ‘amore propre’ which Rousseau long-ago warned us about. Could anything be more important? Bring back your story to help others.

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