12 Rules For M.A.D. (“Miracles A Dozen”) Recovery: Rule 11

Cultivate Detachment, Or Even Scorn.

“Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen.” , as the saying goes. Probably the single strongest way to attract others & make them thing highly of you is for you to express indifference to them. Indifference should always be the standard, default position or strategy. The Buddhist notion of ‘attachment’ or clinginess is very true. The world tries to detatch us from ourselves & make it the center, as do others; harrassing us constantly & demanding a reaction. That is its greatest trick. You have not known true sanity until you have withdrawn from this constant game played against you into the peace & tranquility of your own mind, in communion with the Eternal rather than the evanescent every day, wearing stimulus of others. The mantra of ‘love, love, love’ blasted everywhere at full volume, (or nowadays, by the Left, tacitly underpinned by the real message ‘hate, hate, hate’) is hardly very conducive to this goal. Furthermore, to see clearly & draw power into oneself, it is necessary to be prepared to actively, to habitually cultivate scorn for what has power in the world & look down upon it from the perspective of the ideal of one’s own values. Fear of power, & association of power with truth, is our greatest folly & precisely the main thing power uses to control you. Do not think you will be rewarded for your servile cowardice. It is a simple fact that the vast majority of accepted opinions are false, even ludicrous, & even if you realize that intellectually, one can still make vastly more progress by cultivating the right emotional attitude as well & ceasing to be bothered by things. Be a high lighthouse on an island amidst the turbulent, shifting waves of others. Cultivate detachment, or even scorn.

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