12 Rules For M.A.D. (“Miracles A Dozen”) Recovery: Rule 10

Express yourself thru’ garbled poetry when things are too painful even to see clearly.

Sometimes when one is very unwell, the mind no longer follows the legislative Ego. As I said above, one is an out-of-control machine responding to a threat that is no longer present, except for in the mind. At such times, it is not really possible to form definite, solid opinions & rules an act on them. But, in order to even begin to work towards doing so, it can be very helpful to start beginning to express oneself more. In poetry, as opposed to a prose treatise, one merely presents a possible, proposed view of things, based upon one’s subjective, tentative take upon it, letting the opinions & feelings stand in their own dignity, which is precisely what is needed for someone whose mind is very clouded & unable to run in exact accord with an objective reality. In doing this, hopefully if there are any kind people around you, you will get some attention for one’s efforts, which will boost one’s self-esteem somewhat & give others to understand you in a more sensitive light, as someone who feels & has an inner world that deserves & requires taking care of. That in turn will buttress one’s sense of self further, towards the re-attainment of a strong, stable Ego which is able to assert itself objectively again, i.e. True health. Poetry can be a kind of cry to the world, & plea to be viewed a real person, whose thoughts & feelings matter. In a world in which this kind of personal respect for people, especially young people, is becoming increasingly endangered & rare, poetry is perhaps the best antidote imaginable. When you read a poem, you instinctively feel you are being taken into the innermost reaches of a person’s soul, with the reverence that that demands. If that experience is not held as holy & revered by our society, there is little hope left for any of us. If one’s innermost, careful thoughts & words don’t matter, what possibly can matter? As Nietzsche said, ‘the world revolves inaudiably’; it revolves around thoughts. If we cease to pay attention to our thoughts, the pivot of all action &, in the time when technology has conquered Nature, the pivot of all material reality, then everything will fall to pieces. Express yourself thru’ garbled poetry when things are too painful even to see clearly.

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