Lewy’s Wager

One thought on “Lewy’s Wager

  1. Oh, how I loved Asylum Chums😻😁 Gallows humour t’die for. I suspect it is a saviour of necks (or a final frying as effective as a labotomy…)

    ‘Franky I don’t feel that guilty
    (I was only just getting going!)


    Oh so true…I met a fair few of these :😁
    This one seeks the Holy Grail
    Obsessive compulsive paranoid schizophrenic…

    Who knew that best-at-being-bonkers was a competition…?πŸ˜‹

    What! Released before me? The tart!
    …what am I supposed to do now?
    She was the only one mildly alert!

    This finished me offπŸ˜† I was once sequestered in a ward with five folk in comas (as punishment/to show me how um, fortunate I was, I suspect). The conversation wasn’t up to much…
    I did make a friend though…and discovered that it’s every bit as possible to despise certain staff members while in said state…

    Thank you…for being cussed enough to remain you and having the courage to proclaim that miracle.πŸ₯°


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